28 mayo 2008

1950: Reel 3: Peru : June 26-29. (1950)

Fuente: http://www.archive.org/details/upenn-f16-0044_1950_3_Peru


1950: Reel 3: Peru : June 26-29. Sacsahuaman. Cuzco.

Sacsuahuaman fortress wall.
Indians carrying grain in stalks.
Cut stone walls.
Cuzco damaged buildings.
Temporary huts. [3 shots]
Ruined buildings.
Demolition of buildings.
More huts.
Narrow gauge locomotive and railroad station.
Indian with heavy load on back.
Street scene with open gutter on left. [2:47 perf.]
Boy with mandolin.
Old Inca wall.
Ruined church dome.
Tile dome of church.
Indian sweeping street with broom in each hand.
Cacti fence.
Temporary home with Indian women spinning.
Weighing wood for fuel.
Decorated lamb and street scenes.
Indians with wool caps with ear-flaps. [2 cu]
Llamas with woman.
Market scene.
Pottery market.

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