28 mayo 2008

1950: Reel 8: Peru: July 8-10. (1950)

Fuente: http://www.archive.org/details/upenn-f16-0049_1950_8_Peru


1950: Reel 8: Peru/July 8-10. Huacho on road parallel to the central railroad to La Cima.

Guano birds along shore at Huacho.
Birds flying close to water.
Feeding birds fish (on water or on landing, bird keep wings dry).
Lima fish market.
Feeding fish scraps to birds.
On way up Andes to La Cina.
Rickety suspension foot bridge.
Terrace farms.
Railroad bridge.
Railroad on mountainside with loose banks.
Washing clothing along the Rimac.
Parallel bridges just short distance apart.
Narrow gorge with truck coming out, not much clearance.
Scene with three bridges and trains on two of them.
Panning base of cliff to top.
4843 meters at Anticoma.
Women washing clothes, [xws]
Four roads, one above the other.
Museum in Lima.
Ancient pottery.

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